Oh what a tangled web we weave……

December 30, 2007

Yes indeed, what a tangled web … or in the words of the late/great Bruce Lee; “classical mess”.

For as long as I can remember, folks have been squabbling non-stop about:-

  • Starting point – who came first and who is the most “original”?
  • The “true” ways and usually this refer to the ways of the one who one taking the stand. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning the “frauds” and “pretenders”; folks who make claims to deceive and misrepresent in order to make a buck. 

And yes I do think it’s essential to maintain integrity when it comes to histories and lineages; to me, the components of cultural/dialect and family identities…

But I think we must also not deny the fact that all arts evolve and sometimes, to the point of complete transformation.

The simple fact is that we are at dissimilar points of this chain and to insist that one particular way is the only right way is to miss the whole picture. 

Like a big family, some of us grow up and leave to form our own families elsewhere but that does not erase the fact that we are from the same family tree. 

Frankly, I think there is nothing more pointless to keep engaging in this subject of who is the “first”. 

We have this saying in Chinese; with the same surname, we are all family “500” years ago…

I know folks are still debating the issue of “Wing Chun and White Crane” link; well, got some news for these folks… 

Some 30 plus years ago, they had a big roundtable discussion on this very topic. And if memory serves me right, nothing final was drawn. I still have that article with me somewhere and when I find it, I will be sure to translate and post it here for all to see. 

Well, well, well, looks like an exercise that started 30+ years ago is still in session and at the rate things are going, it will probably run for another 30 years …. Or more…….

A clip here of “Mai Kay Wong WCK” …. Maybe it’s just me but this looks soooo WC – White Crane I mean…..












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