Choy Gar.

December 21, 2007

We hear about this Southern style ever so often; “Hung, Lau, Choy, Li and Mok” and “Hung Tau Choy Mei”…. 

I cannot really say I know a lot about this style; remember watching a performance in Singapore many years ago and one Sifu did a Choy Gar form. The impression I got, at that time, was that this style, striking a likeness to Hungga, seems to utilize much palm works. 

Got a book in my collection published in Singapore in 1986 by a Sifu Hor introducing a Choy Gar form “Wan Lung Kuen” or “Cloud Dragon Fists”. 

Not much info regarding history except that the form is passed down by a Sifu Wong Hung Onn. 

Now looking at the opening salutation sequence again, I am inclined to think “Hungga”; this “open wings” salutation is done by some Hungga lines….

Hmmm, the next time I meet Sifu Lam in Sibu, I am going to ask him….. 



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