Hung head, Choy tail and we call it Jow Gar.

December 20, 2007

Said this many times before – I am an absolute nobody in Zhou Jia. Did about a year’s training with Sifu Foong Fook Wah and even then, my understanding of Zhou Jia, is at best, elementary.

Really love the flow and rhythm of this extensive style from long range circular to close-quarters snappy techniques, all done in that special flavor that is Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia is one of the few TCMA in Singapore that is still very closely-knitted and protocol is upheld by many seniors and key figures within the families.

The man who watches over the entire hierarchy is Sibakgung Lee Kam Yuen; the current “Cheong Mun” of Singapore Zhou Jia.

And this is one man who is very austere about keeping things in order; “know your place and behave yourself” is his style of leadership. 

I am conscious of the many efforts by Zhou Jia everywhere to keep the family intact and humbly I hope to contribute to this splendid undertaking.

Besides Sifu Derek Johnson in the US, I am also looking eagerly towards making connections with Zhou Jia in places like Hong Kong, Australia and Europe. 

So any Zhou Jia brothers/sisters reading this – please drop me a note…… 

A clip here with footages from a Zhou Jia committee meeting held in Hong Kong in 2005.












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