Some more Hakka boxing.

November 30, 2007


Here another view of Sifu Cheong Hon Heon’s Geok/Ngok Gar kuen.

Perhaps, this clip will give you a better idea of why I smell “Northern” when I look at this style.

In fact, I was going through some of my other Hakka materials, from Penang and Sarawak, and I am starting to distinguish more and more of “Northern” indications.

A while back when I was chatting with Sifu Liew Joon Mew, Chu Gar Praying Mantis, and I popped the question “Why are so many Hakka styles name Chu Gar”?

His answer was that “Chu” family name was a big name right about the time of the Ching dynasty and many from this family were employed by the government.

So it was convenient, when asked, to just name yourself as “Chu” if you want to secure a government job….hmmmmm…..

That aside, the more I look outside Hong Kong’s Hakka styles, the more variations I see as far as Hakka boxing is concerned.

One thing that I really got to do, to get more answers, is to make another trip to see Sifu Kong Shu Ming, the Hakka Suppressing Tiger master.

The last few times that I was watching him demo, could have sworn that he was doing long-limbed White Crane…..

I had wanted to name this entry as “Hakka Yong Tau Fu” – the famous Hakka dish that uses a mix of vegetables, toufu, beans, different meats and spices to make a “salad” soup.

Didn’t want to be misunderstood as trivializing Hakka fighting traditions but I really do think that Hakka boxing is a very fascinating mix of many flavors.

Just like their delicious Yong Tau Fu… to run….hungry…..


4 Responses to “Some more Hakka boxing.”

  1. zenmindsword Says:

    Thanks for the lovely clip of Kum Kong Bo. The flavour is more “loose” than the way we do it in Ipoh. Our flavour is more Hakka-ish in that the movements are tighter with a blend of hard / soft in the expression of the techniques. But still the same family! Would it be too much to ask for a clip that shows how our Penang cousins do their applications? Thank you!

  2. eric88ling Says:


    Akan datang, akan datang.

    Ipoh, maybe we should meet the next time I am in Penang.

    My folks are originally from Sitiawan btw…..

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