Who is speaking the “truth” ?

November 27, 2007


An illustration of how “convoluted” it could be when it comes to histories of TCMA…


I am sure you have all heard about the big 5 styles of Canton and the origin of Wing Chun 6 ½ pole.


Here’s another author’s view of these 2 published in a mainland magazine not too long ago.


The gist:-



  • Created by Jhee Shim during Chien Long period of the Ching dynasty.
  • During the 16th year of Chien’s reign, Manchu army burned down “9 lotus mountain” Shaolin temple in Putian (Fuzhou) where Jhee Shim was stationed..
  • Only a handful escaped and Jhee Shim fled via Chou Zhou, Hui Zhou to Kwan Zhou (Canton) and took refuge in “Kwan Xiao Si” and taught 5 students clandestinely. These five students are the founders of “Hung, Lau, Choy, Li and Mok” systems prominent in Canton.
  • Still being hunted, Jhee Shim had to hole up with the red boat “opera troop” where he taught this pole form.
  • All the styles mentioned about have this form in their repertoire albeit in various shades.


I say “convoluted” because, talk to different folks, you are going to hear all sort of variations of , not only the source of the form but also the tenability of “Jhee Shim” role in any of the abovementioned art forms.


Again, highlighting what Por Suk said to me on so many occasions; every line, every family and every teacher will have their own perspective.


More or less the same plots or same characters but with “skewed” viewpoints; so believe what you believe and also accept that there will be others who think that you are totally wrong.


Agree to disagree is how I like to put it……that or argue until cow comes home….











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