Sibu TCMA – dawn of a new era ?

November 27, 2007


left to right Ting Tiong Kong, Ting Huat Yion and Kong Xian Hua

It was over a year ago that I first visited Sibu, Sarawak to garner support from CKF folks there to congregate and present TCMA in our event, as part of an overall effort to revivify interests.


Slowly and steadily, there are signs that this happening and the situation is most inspiring.


None of these would be doable if not for the enthusiasm and hard work of some key peoples, namely:-


Edmond Wong – Hakka Praying Mantis Fan Zhuang Quan.

Xiong De Lu – 5 Ancestors Boxing

Ting Huat Yion – Fong Yang Quan.

Kong Xian Hua – Hakka Fan Zhaung Quan.

Ting Tiong Kong – Shaolin White Crane

Lam Chee Keong – Hung Gar.


Our event is just but the start, these folks there are coming together to form a centralized training facility with a syllabus that assimilate forms/methods from each individual styles.


Tentatively to be named “Sibu Zhong He Quan Shu” or “Sibu Combined MAs” training center, this project is projected to kick off in the New Year.


This is all music to my ears, exactly what we hope to achieve when we first started out our venture.


I like to wish them all the best and the company will lend them support whenever possible….













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