The gentle expert.

November 24, 2007


Top – Cover of Master Cheong’s DVD. Bottom – Master Cheong and Sifu Liu Chang I.

Like many others, I suppose, my first impressions of Master Cheong Cheng Loong, come from reading the books he co-authored some years back.


So when I arranged to meet him in Penang, earlier this year, I was a little uneasy. I mean here’s a Sifu who is somewhat of a personality in the international scene and from the little I heard of him through friends, a strictly no-nonsense man.


That evening, climbing up the steps of Kek Lok Si to reach his school, I was mentally prepared to face the “been there, done that” attitude.


Boy, I couldn’t be more wrong.


Master Cheong is one of the nicest peoples I’ve met in Penang so far. So genteel that it hard to perceive him as a CKF man. Not until he starts cracking the air with his phoenix eye fists of course.


And I mean CRACKING – you really hear the “swooshing” when he executes that single-knuckle punch.


Plus he has that cat-like deftness that makes you doubt he is in his 70s … this is not real!


Here’s another man who has basically stuck to one “plan” all his life – the same profession (running his family nutmeg products business), the same kung fu and still teaching in the same school featured in his first book.


Now already a grandfather, he is showing no sign of slowing down as far as his kung fu commitments are concerned.


To be able to co-operate with a Sifu of this skill level and stature is really the best part of my “job”.


We need more of Master Cheong around ………..






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