One man, one lifetime, one kung fu …….

November 22, 2007

You know when my generation talks about CKF training, it’s usually “I’ve been training for 10 years in one style” or something to that effect. However, if you zoom into a statement like that, more often that not, you’ll hear “I train 3, 4 or maybe 5 times a week”. Pretty much, how we train in these times; what with raising a family, working in a high paced job, spending time on that precious car, weekend retreats at the country club….


You know “modern living”….


This one year of connecting with CKF masters everywhere has been a journey of discovery.


Not just the KF styles but also, the lifestyles of masters who are, to me, caught between 2 ages.


Many left China, either on their own, or came as kids with their families, to seek greener pastures in SE Asia and due to various circumstances, never left.


Folks from a simple time and if they relocate to a place like Sarawak where not much has changed, except in the bigger cities, their uncomplicated lifestyles are pretty much preserved.


GM Ting Huat Yong is one such case. Now almost 70 and still continuing his family traditions in China, he works as a farmer.


His Kung Fu, Fong Yang Quan, has been associated with the farming community since the beginning, so much so that many techniques in this system are modified “farming movements”.


Art imitating life ……


And living in a remote corner of Sibu, without the benefit of any mass media exposure, his Fong Yang Quan is known only to the immediate vicinity.


This Penang trip is one of the very few that Master Ting has ventured out of Sibu to perform.


One particularly poignant moment is when I sat down with him in Sibu many months ago and he said, with those sad look in his eyes – “Chinese Kung Fu – our soul, do not lose it”….


One man, one lifetime and one Kung fu …..

In the clip, Master Ting is wearing the white shirt with the tiger/dragon motif, the gentleman in red is Master Wei, his KF elder brother.

The heavenly singing voice is again, “Golden Vocal Chords” Zhou Xuan….. pardonez moi, my little indulgence….






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