“8 Drunken Immortals” and the lady sings the blues….

November 22, 2007

xiong-de-lu.jpgXiong De Lu is one CKF teacher I met through Chester Lim of CMAA.


Some 2 – 3 years back, CMAA sent a small group to Singkawang Kalimantan Indonesia to aid in their “Chap Go Mei” or “15th day of the Lunar New Year” celebration.


Well, we all know how Chinese culture was suppressed in that country for the longest time and it was only after the downfall of Suharto that the Chinese were given space to express culturally.


So together with 4 other young CMAA athletes, Ah Lu and myself spent few days there, not knowing what to expect, to demonstrate CKF in front of a strange crowd.


A very hardworking committed CKF teacher in Sibu, Ah Lu has made many endeavors to rejuvenate the scene there.


He, single handedly put together the annual “Borneo Cup “MAs competition; an event that is picking up momentum and gaining popularity.


In his 60s, holding a daytime job and still putting in that amount of time into his lifelong passion ….


This is one CKF teacher who commands my respect ….anytime….

 A clip shot about a year ago in Sibu in Ah Lu’s rooftop school. The music playing is, ahem,again Zhou Xuan ……






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