And not forgetting….

November 21, 2007




Top to bottom : Royce Ang, Ivy Lee and Singapore Zhou Jia team.

The 3 group-performances, all notable in their respective ways:-


  • Chinese Martial Art Association, Kuching Sarawak.
  • Singapore Zhou Jia Association.
  • Silat Lincah KL.



The Singapore Zhou Jia were terrific in their renditions of traditional Zhou Jia solo, weapons and 2 men sets; all done in the in-imitable zestful manner that speaks well for the future of Zhou Jia Quan.


I do a little Zhou Jia myself and I think I am in the position to comment that a lot of hard work went into the preparation to produce such a sleek presentation.


Sometimes referred to as “Fast hands Hung Kuen”, the Singapore exponents displayed this speed aspect abundantly throughout.


Much credit has to go to young Sifu Royce Ang – the man responsible for training and assembling this team for the Penang show.


And then there is Ivy Lee, daughter of GM Lee Kam Yuen, who not only took the stage, she also helped tremendously in coordinating the entire Singapore contingent.


To all my Singapore Zhou Jia family – thank you for all your contributions.


Eeeerh, the next time I am in Singapore, tim sum on me……











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