Young masters of CKF.

November 20, 2007

Calvin Kong in a “Shaolin Lohan” posture.

Foo Ming – Shaolin monkey boxing.

Well it’s like how I announced them that day on stage; “With personal pride and pleasure…….”.


“Chinese Martial Art Assocation” from Kuching Sarawak, founded by GM Lew Kao Chye some 20 – 30 years ago.


Initially teaching “Chu Gar Fu Zhuang Sam Bu Chien” or “Hakka Chu Gar Tiger Boxing”, this CKF association have been through quite a bit of trials and tribulations in recent years.


Currently under the helm of Chester Lim, this association has ventured in competition Wushu and help produced many current champions of this country.


Comprising primarily of schools-going kids, 2 of the more seniors and acting as “coaches” are Calvin Kong and Yap Foo Ming.


And with their diversified interest that also includes traditional CKF, I have been personally teaching some of the more senior athletes some of the skills that I’ve picked up in my time.


Zhou Jia, Tai Zu , Shaolin (SaoLim) and Fuzhou White Crane, I am hoping to plant some of the seeds here in Sarawak with this group of fine athletes.


In this Penang event, they won accolades, not only from the audiences and peers but even from the veteran masters with their impressive showing of modern and traditional Wushu.


These young athletes are going far, as far as I am concerned……



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