The Living Treasures of Penang.

November 20, 2007

“The Living Treasures of Penang” – a term that we coined, after much consultation, to label the DVDs project that we undertook with these masters in Penang:-


  • Cheong Cheng Loong – Chu Gar Phoenix Eyes Boxing.
  • Wong Pak Chong – Chin Woo 7 Stars Praying Mantis.
  • Foong Yee Yen – Zhou Jia Quan
  • Lee Tho Sheng – Chu Gar Zhong Jia Quan
  • Cheong Wai Por – Cho Gar Hay Pun Wing Chun Kuen
  • Ong Choon Sheng – Fukien Grand Ancestor Boxing.
  • Cheong Hon Heon – Geok Gar Kuen.


And how appropriate – living treasures indeed!


All these gentlemen had committed a major portion of their lives to the mastering and transmission of the arts; staunchly keeping to the ways they were taught.


A link in a historical chain that reaches back hundreds of year of Chinese histories and with no sight of slowing down.


These are folks who are well above 60 years of age and still, on any given day, run circles around much younger exponents. I was on the receiving end of many of their superb skills.


To be able to “rise and sit” with these illustrious masters is a privilege and honor; one that I do not take lightly.


I will be featuring them individually soon but for now, a composite photo-slide:-


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