And next, I want to thank …

November 19, 2007

Peter Lum – my Zhou Jia Sihing.

Dianne Lim.

Two other names that really need special mention:-


Peter Lum – a Zhou Jia Sihing that I never knew I had up till about 6 months ago and really more because my days in Zhou Jia are really brief and even then I was spending more time with my own Sifu than mixing with others in the large Singapore and Malaysia Zhou Jia family. My Sibakgung, Lee Kam Yuen, is the man behind hooking me up with Peter.


Simply put, without Peter’s support, this show might never have taken off; he is the only one with good grasp of how WuLin in Penang works; having put together quite a few gatherings of all sizes in Penang in recent times and working with CKF folks from all over Penang.


Many times put on the spot because he was walking the tight rope of satisfying all parties concerned, Peter came through brilliantly.


Just before I left Penang, at the airport with the flight being delayed, we were sitting down at a small café and I told him how much I appreciate all his hard work, his response was simply – I agreed to help you and I did, dished out in his usual nonchalant manner.


That’s Peter for you, always so down-to-earth and my love and respect for this Sihing just soared.


The other person that played a critical role in the whole outing is my assistant, Dianne Lim.


Came on board a year ago with virtually no knowledge of MA, this lady started everything from scratch.


First week on the job and I had to crash her in; northern kicks southern fists, internal external Shaolin, Wudang, Emei blah blah blah…you know “Kung Fu for Dummies”


Well she got from there to handling the masters, shooting footages and coordinating much of the nitty-gritty behind the scene and helping out in post editing.


Methinks a better assistant will be very tough to find….



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