Wu Lin I Jia – All Martial Arts 1 Family.

November 16, 2007

For the sake of those who just got to know me through this weblog, here’s a brief outline of what we are working on and setting to launch soon…


About a year ago, we conceptualized a project called “Wu Lin I Jia” – All martial arts 1 family.


Essentially the proposal is to transfer all the TCMA materials we’ve accumulated, those from the past and those through our continuing research throughout Malaysia and Singapore. Russ Smith, owner of a huge TCMA resource site was invited to join as a partner.


Russ is a programmer who writes software for the IT industry and also a devoted MA researcher in his own rights; investigating relations between Okinawa and Fukien MAs is his forte. His collection of materials in this area is mind-boggling as evident by a sample he brought along this trip for me – 160G’s worth…. Tip of an iceberg, according to him.


Frankly, it’s the quality of the content that’s getting my heart pumping.


Spending this last week with him, we were able to discuss, in-depth, how WLIJ could be fine-tuned and rendered more users friendly before taking it out to the market.


An added aspect will be building and maintaining webpages for the older masters who are not internet savvy; this suggestion came from Ruan Dong Sifu who is now aware of all the exploitations by some who are abusing his name for deceitful gains.


During the interview, it was revealed that none of his foreign students had more than a month’s training with him when they visited him in China and there are even those who are making despicable claims without even having met him; a couple of phone calls and next thing you know, these folks are advertising themselves as “inheritors” of his Whooping Crane with “certificates” and other paraphernalia to back their dubious claims.


His student, Lin Jian, has started a course of actions to clean up this mess and to keep the name of his teacher from future misuses starting with appropriate recording and documentations and seeking legal redress in cases of infringements.

Lin has requested that we assist in maintaining a on-line  archive  of these documentations.


With his position as a security advisor for a huge firm on the mainland, I am sure Lin knows precisely what needs to be done.


A clip of a younger Ruan Sifu doing Babulien (mandarin), Happoren (Japanese) or in the dialect that Ruan Sifu speaks, Paik Bwoe Lien.




One Response to “Wu Lin I Jia – All Martial Arts 1 Family.”

  1. timfong101 Says:

    This is really interesting, thanks for posting. I too am interested in the Fujian/Okinawa connection. What do you think about a possible Fujian/Kyushu connection? I’ve seen some koryu-derived things that remind me of southern kung fu forms…

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