Robert McELroy – Feeding Crane.

November 16, 2007

Received an email from Robert McELroy – Sifu Liu’s student.


Robert wrote about how he enjoyed the Penang’s experience plus he sent me a bunch of pics he took.


Don’t really know much about his background; a very likeable young man who has been training with Sifu Liu in Taiwan for 4 years, I was told.


He’s teaching English lessons there if I am not mistaken.


Anyhow, you know that saying – great teachers produce great students and Robert is one perfect example.


Superbly behaved throughout the whole event, Robert went on to impress with his Feeding Crane skills.


Now if this is the future of TCMA, then I think we are okay.


Robert, if you are reading this; the pleasure is mine and you can bet good money that we’ll have you and your Shifu back in our future projects.


Took the liberty of using his pics and turn it into a photo-slide ….


Xie Xie.




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