One BIG family.

November 16, 2007

Sooooo, for about a week, we met, stayed in the same hotel, ate  meals together, shopped, went sites seeing, discussed/exchanged MAs, drank and some stayed up till like 3 – 4 in the morning to talk kung fu, rehearsed and went on to put up a show that won compliments from all who came ……


And immediately the day after, spent 7 – 8 hrs in Chin Woo Association to present more kung fu ……


All this time, behind the scene, a crew of folks was working arduously to make sure that everything is in place; from keeping the guests happy, getting the venue ready, talking to the press/media and working with sponsors and supporters ……


Ooooookay, I think we’re one family – one BIG family.


So, here’s a big “THANK YOU” to:-


  • Co-organizer Penang Chinese Town Hall.
  • Sponsors – Da Ma Cai , Tourism Malaysia and New World Park.
  • Supporter – Penang Wushu Association.
  • The media folks who covered this event pre and post.
  • All our invited masters/sifus and kung fu schools and associations.


The company behind this whole thing, MY Martial Arts Sdn Bhd especially MD Christina Foo and the crew headed by Dianne Lim.


Without these folks, this gathering would never have taken place …..











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