Russ Smith 2

November 15, 2007

Just got back from sending Russ and his wife, Nicole, off at the airport. From Sarawak, they will be flying to Singapore where Russ will be meeting up with a Wuzu master and then continuing the journey back to Florida.


Well, we all feel a little sad to see them go; this past one week entertaining them here was, in a word, fabulous.


Besides all the business talks and martial arts exchanges, they were both so eager to try everything here in Sarawak – the foods, I mean.


Nothing is too spicy hot for Nicole, not even Indian fried noodles notorious for burning holes in the throat….


And then we were having seafood dinner, in a small fishing village , right by the beach and midway through, we actually saw a storm coming in from the South China Seas.


Chilli crabs, cold beers, nice company and a storm – how do you top that?


The 1 hr drive back in the storm was another rush.


And last but not least, Russ gave me a oversized “Invicta” chunky Russian diving watch; so the next time you see me in a clip with a “clock” on my left wrist – it’s Russ’ fault.


Love the watch!






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