Aftermath of this event.

November 12, 2007

Generally, the sentiment is that the show went down well, by any standards.

From the very start, my partner wanted more than just an entertaining show; this show needs to be educational without coming out as preachy.

With the tagline of our company being “Research, preserve and promote”, this show is, in effect, a showcase of TCMA housed in Malaysia and other parts of Asia.

With her rich cultural heritage of TMAs of all genres, we see ourselves as the mouthpiece and promoter of this.

The show was presented in segments highlighting unique characteristics of Northern, Southern, Hakka, Cantonese and Fukien styles.

And I thought this delineation is refreshing – making the show kind of like a live documentary.

The foreign invited masters lend an opportunity for the locals to see how TCMAs are progressing outside of this region. The level of interactions and exchanges between them and the local masters, most time spontaneous, augurs well for future co-operation.

So before I flew out of Penang and with only about 2-3 hours to spare, I invited all the masters out to dinner at a local restaurant.

Since Russ and Nicole stayed behind, they came to dinner too. Master Ku Choy Wah was planning to hop over to “North Seas” and I invited him to join in also…

What a dinner …….

And those 2 hours of laughing and light banter , the Penang event came to a heartwarming close.

All martial arts one family – who say it’s not achievable?




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