From the “Pearl of the Orient” 4.

November 6, 2007

Now after a short break, it’s time to get back to work.


All the foreign invited masters, Ruan Dong, Liu Chang I & his student Robert, Singapore masters and those from Sarawak are properly sent off, I got Russ Smith, Ku Choy Wah and the local Penang masters to work with on some unfinished business.


Russ and Ku Sifu will be doing a separate video session on Goju Ryu karate and Wing Chun and there are some courtesy calls to be made still with the local schools.


Got a clip here shot, on a raining day, during one such call to Por Suk’s temple.


That day we had Sifu Teo (Grand Ancestor), GM Lee Kam Yuen (Zhou Jia), Evert, and Russ spending a couple of hours drinking a lot of tea and playing kung fu.


Liu Sifu is really something else. Prior to this, my impressions came mainly from watching him in videos but this physical encounter was really eyes-opening.


His speed, power and co-ordination – you got to touch hands with him to know what I am trying to describe.



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