From the “Pearl of the Orient” 2.

October 31, 2007

Another long day; first a promptly arranged press conference with all the major dailies here in Penang followed by a courtesy call at Cho Gar Hay Bun Wing Chun, Master Cheong’s temple.


The press conference was held at Penang Chinese Town Hall’s building and we had all their key committee members at hand to conduct the conference since they are our co-organizer.


In addition, representative from our sponsor, Da Ma Cai, was also there together with 3 Penang masters involved in this event.


Since Evert is in town, I got him to appear also and just as I suspected, the journalists were all over him; it’s not everyday that you get a Caucasian Hung Gar exponent visiting.


After the conference and a short lunch break, we headed out to GM Cheong’s temple for what turned out to be an afternoon of kung fu display and interaction over many cups of tea.


Personally, it hard to top seeing a Chinese Wing Chun master playing with a Dutch Hung Gar man without the benefit of a common spoken language.


Really lost track of time watching all the bong saus, lop saus, fu jows and hok kuens, when I finally did check, it’s time to head back to the hotel for dinner.


Got another team from the office flying in and we got to be at the airport to fetch them.


And tomorrow, I have to do the same thrice with Russ Smith, Sifu Liu Chang I and Ruan Dong all arriving at different timings….




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