Good things come to those who work it.

October 29, 2007

Flying in 2 hours time and a call came in from the radio station that’s going to be interviewing me tomorrow morning in Penang.


I was a little worried that I might be talking to someone without any MA knowledge but it turned out that he is an Aikido instructor with some 25 years experience in this art.


We chatted briefly, touching a little on the format of the coming interview and one thing that we both concur; youths these days lack the staying power to learn MAs properly.


In this age of automations and instant coffees, MAs, with requirements of commitment and hard work is being shunned.


I remember when I visited Master Kong Xien Hua in Sibu sometime back; he stated that learning kung fu is about quality and not quantity.


Or like they say in Shaolin: not fearful of your 10,000 kicks but the one kick that you perform 10,000 times.


And many masters spoke about the same thing, few techniques that they spend incredible amount of time polishing until like a very sharp sword, they become “deadly”.


In Master Kong’s Hakka Mantis “Fan Zhuang Quan”, he does only 3 forms.


3 forms and a lifetime to turn them into sharp swords…..






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